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So I tried something new last night – Log-Jets’

You ‘simply’ drill one large whole 3/4 down the centre of the log, another through the side to join the bottom and then light the fire at the join. What they didn’t say was that lighting the little fire is a right pain in the arse, but after about half hour, a whole box of matches and some white spirit, it started.

The last shot was taken just before 8pm and we put it out about half nine, as we went inside. Looking at it the following morning, although the base had split, I think it would have burnt as a candle for another hour, so about 3 hours in total… This log was about 30cm high by 20cm.

I would add that all the heat goes up so although it is nice to look at as a candle, it was originally designed to be a small burner. The idea is that you put a couple of flat stones on top and the your billy can.

“This week… I will mostly be growing new eyebrows”.